Crime Prevention Tips to Prevent Auto Thefts

A statement that is regularly heard by Law Enforcement Officers across the nation from victims of an auto burglary is "But I was only away from my car for a minute." That is how much time it takes to become a victim of a crime. In a minute, an individual with criminal intent can break into a vehicle and take the valuables left in the passenger compartment. Another place that criminals look for valuables is under the vehicle's seats. Remember if you can see, so can they.

Desire, ability and opportunity are the three basic elements in a crime.

Crime of Opportunity

Auto burglaries are crimes of opportunity. When the opportunity is provided, a person with criminal intent will commit the crime. An individual's desire and ability to commit crimes are two areas that cannot be controlled. Opportunity on the other hand can be.

Safety Tips

Follow the following safety tips to help yourself and the guests that visit your place of business reduce the opportunity.
  • Always close your windows, lock your car and remove the keys.
  • Lock valuables in the trunk and don't leave personal identification or credit cards in your vehicle.
  • Remove your keys and lock your doors while refueling.
  • Never leave your vehicle running while unattended. (This is a violation of state law).
  • Install an anti-theft device that is highly visible, hard to defeat, and disables the starting switch.
  • Use an alarm or wheel lock device.
  • Photocopy your vehicle registration and insurance papers and keep them in your wallet, not in the glove compartment.
  • Park in a well-lighted and heavily traveled area.
  • Don't hide spare keys in the car.
  • Always stay alert as you drive and while entering/exiting your vehicle.
  • Your car horn is a good deterrent to crime.