Construction & Engineering

Harrison SDL Portal

Apply for permits and schedule inspection appointments online through the SDL portal. For inspection choose from 3 different dates and the first available date will be given to you. Please keep in mind that your first choice may not be available. First time users will need to create a username and password.

Code Enforcement Office

This office is charged with the administration and enforcement of the Uniform Construction Code of the State of New Jersey. The staff consists of the construction official, sub code officials and assistants. The following activities are performed by this office:

  • Provide construction applications and assistance to the public.
  • Review all permit applications for completeness and verification of prior approvals.
  • Issue construction permits and collect permit fees.
  • Perform all required inspections in connection with permits.
  • Issue Certificates of Approval or Certificates of Occupancy for projects which have been completed.
  • Issue Notices of Violation, Stop Work Orders and Unsafe Structure Notices when it is determined that provisions of the Uniform Construction Code have been violated.

Municipal Engineers Office

This office is responsible for overseeing the preparation of design documents as well as perform on-site inspections and prepares reports of all municipal capitol improvement projects such as:

  • Annual Resurfacing projects (milling and paving of streets) covered under NJDOT Local Aid.
  • Improvements to the water distribution system.
  • Improvements to the combined sewer collection system.
  • Streetscape projects.
  • Issue permits for the installation or replacement of concrete curb and sidewalk in the public right of way.
  • Issue permits for new utility connections (water and sewer).

The municipal engineer acts as the town representative to ensure compliance with design documents. Other duties include performing on-site inspections of private development projects to ensure that all improvements which will be dedicated back to the town have been constructed in accordance with approved plans and specifications.

Zoning Office

This office is charged with the administration of the town's Land Development Ordinance (zoning ordinance). This office performs the following duties:

  • Perform inspections for the issuance of Certificates of Continued Occupancy in connection with the transfer of title or changes in occupancy.
  • Review construction permit applications to insure compliance with the zoning regulations of the town.
  • Issue letters of denial and refer applicants to the Board of Adjustments when an individual's project fails to comply with the Land Development Ordinance.
  • Issue Zoning permits for site improvement which mayor may not require a construction permit (common examples include, fences, signs, sheds and concrete or
  • asphalt pavement installation on private property).
  • Issue municipal summons when it is determined that the provisions of the Land Development Ordinance has been violated.